Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sometime next month, an author named Lenore Hart will be presenting the world with yet another Poe novel, "Nevermore." From the description, it will have Virginia Poe narrating the inside scoop on what it was like being married to Big Guy.

I'm unfamiliar with Hart's work, so I have no idea what to expect. For all I know, I'll love it. I sincerely hope that at least this will not be merely the latest stinker in the long and largely horrifying history of Poe-oriented fiction. However, I must say the fact that Hart evidently couldn't come up with a more unique title doesn't make me very sanguine. (How many novels and plays about Poe have been called "Nevermore?" Thirty thousand? Forty?) Ah, well, let's hope for the best.

(Just please, Lord, don't let this be another "Poe & Fanny"...)

Update: Hart's novel is now to be called "The Raven's Bride," and is now scheduled to be out Feb. 2011. (That title was actually used a few years ago for a historical novel about Sam Houston's wife, but it's still a decided step up on the originality scale from "Nevermore.")The Raven's Bride a novel about Virginia Clemm PoeLet's keep our fingers crossed about this one. Believe it or not, I get tired of posting nothing but testy one and two-star reviews on Amazon about these seemingly endless piles of lousy Poe books. It would be nice for a change to have a good word about something. It'd certainly do wonders for my blood pressure.