Friday, October 12, 2012

Birth of a Meme

Over in Twitterville last night, Maria  kindly provided Rufus Griswold with a handy visual aid to assist him in his unceasing battles against the forces of darkness; i.e. that vast legion of morons who insist on calling our hero "Edgar Allen Poe":

The Reverend, who can be called many, many things, but not stupid, was then inspired to create this:

This was my contribution to the cause:

We also discovered this little gem made by some anonymous Allanist:

I may not have had much success so far in eliminating the many damaging myths being spread about Poe, but I can at least help make "Allan, not Allen" viral.  Create your own Poe meme!  Annoy your friends!  Puzzle your neighbors!  Inspire your nearest and dearest to call the police on you!