Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Today's PSA For the Historically Illiterate

To All You Nincompoops Who Have Been Posting This on Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr as a Genuine Photo of Edgar Allan Poe and Abraham Lincoln:

This photo is a fake.  F.A.K.E.  It was never even intended to be seen as legitimate.  It originates from the book "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," which, (though a chilling number of people seem unaware of this,) was meant to be satire.  Poe and Lincoln never even met.  Please stop making fools of yourselves and stripping me of whatever minuscule shred of hope for the human race I have left.  After all, I can only drink so much therapeutic gin.

That is all.


  1. Thank you. No, seriously: THANK YOU!

    1. First "Mrs. Poe," and now this...

  2. I have to laugh. But I seriously hope you have tons of therapeutic gin about. Because people... can be....

  3. I'm fresh out of gin; will aquavit do? I might have some cocaine up in the attic somewhere...

  4. Fascinating blog--I've only just discovered it! Many thanks.

    On this subject--thanks for debunking this silly photo. By any chance, have you read Ellery Queen's "Abraham Lincoln's Clue"? A superb tale about the connection between Lincoln and Poe.

    --Karl S.