Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In Which I Realize That This Blog Would Probably Be Greatly Improved By a Few Posts About New Hampshire Glass Blowers

Every so often, Edgar makes the dreadful mistake of Googling himself.

Yes, it's time for yet another peek at some of the internet searches that have led people to my humble little corner of cyberspace:

1. did edgar allan poe and albert einstein ever meet

Edgar Allan Poe: 1809-1849. Albert Einstein: 1879-1955.

2. the tell tale heart: edgar allan poe decide how he wanted to ____ his readers beore [sic] he decided what

Our public education system at work.

3. productive Quotes to think about while at work

You’ll never find them here.

4. 75 fun facts about edgar allan poe

Because what says “fun!” like Edgar Allan Poe?

5. you cant have exqusite [sic] beauty without some weirdness

You can’t write a Poe blog without some of that, either.

6. is it true or false edgar allan poe was son of a nobleman

See what I mean?

7. if you had $50 dollars to spend what would you buy poe

Anything his little heart desired.

8. Could edgar allan poe have sex?

Hey, what kind of joint do you think I'm running here?

9. edgar allan poe syphilis symptoms

Go ask Dr. Tanner about this one.

10. edgar allan poe with first wife

I’d be more curious to know who the second one was.

11. did edgar allan poe live in providence rhode island in 1848?

No.  He just made a few brief visits.  On a related note, you wouldn't believe how many people come to this blog searching for the "Edgar Allan Poe house" in Providence.  I'm not sure if they're thinking of Sarah Helen Whitman's home (which still exists,) or if some idiot of a tour guide has spread the word Poe actually resided in the city.

12. did rosalie mackenzie poe marry

No.  And she didn't live in Providence either.

13. how to draw turkey

Put out some tasty food for turkey. That’ll draw him.

14. edgar allan poe married virginia clemm

Yes, I do believe he did.

15. poe theme recipes

Bon-Bon? The Duc De L'Omelette? Hamabel Lee? The Tell-Tale Heartichoke? Wines and Spirits of the Dead? The Fall of the House of Pies? The Purloined Lettuce? The Angel Food Cake of the Odd?  The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pimento?  Burger King Pest?

I think what I need is a nice nap.  One that lasts three or four years, perhaps.

16. stoddard glass blowers photo

This is the best I can do. We aim to please here at World of Poe.

17. edgar allan poe house in lewistown, pa


18. jon lippard

My guess is he's a glass blower living in Lewistown, PA.  And he's probably excellent at drawing turkeys.

19. did edgar allan poe die on a bench

John Cusack, you've got a hell of a lot to answer for.

20. and in a sieve ill thither sale

Finally, some productive quotes to think about while at work!

21. was virginia clemm murdered

No, but questions like this may wind up being the death of me.

22. was edgar a poe the father of marie louise shew's son henry b.1849

Forget the nap. Can someone just show a little mercy and knock me unconscious with a brick?

Let me--not a moment too soon--end this post by quoting the most horrifying words anyone ever typed into a search engine:

comparing justin bieber to edgar allan poe