Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Poe Libel of the Day

Behold, as the city of Boston presents the Rufus Griswold Biography of memorial statues.

After all these years, the Frogpondians have finally gotten their revenge on him.


  1. Well-put. It's a ghastly memorial, in all the wrong ways.

  2. Allison notes that “the Poe statue will be located in a place our students walk by every day,” and it’s only right that the city reclaim “probably the most important writer born in Boston.” This quote from the article explains it all.

  3. Replies
    1. Well, I do sincerely hope so. Since they're going ahead with this, I hope I'm in the minority here, but it can't be a good sign that I can't look at that thing without giggling.

  4. It is indeed hideous. I am sure that Poe would have put that heart in a separate bag so that it wouldn't leave any tell-tale stains on the books and other papers. And is he wearing a coat or a sail?

  5. Just a factoid. An 1895-6 statue project had the same guy sitting in a chair, with a Raven under it. He looks as if he had walked all the way from Boston and needed a good rest. The pedestal was to be 5 ft high and the sitting Poe-t another 8, totalling a towering 13 ft at an estimated cost of $ 25,000. It was to be erected right in front of the Poe Cottage in Fordham, aftert movement to Poe Park. The sculptor was to be William Ordway Partridge, who had just been decomissioned for the giant equestrian statue of General Sherman, and was given a sympathizing break with this new order from the Shakespeare Society. Wonder how that would have looked in the Bronx...

    From Holland.

    1. I remember reading something about that. It sure would have been an interesting addition to the current Bronx scenery, indeed.