Thursday, January 21, 2010

That "New" Poe Portrait

Edgar Allan Poe watercolor supposedly painted by A.C. SmithEvidently, this spring Cowan's will be auctioning off that watercolor portrait of Poe that was recently unveiled to the world. I will be--to paraphrase P. G. Wodehouse--watching this painting's future career with great interest. I am curious to discover--and, honestly, I'm not being snide, I genuinely want to know--how they can definitively authenticate a painting that has no known history before 1978. And that looks like it was whipped up by a nine-year-old using a paint-by-numbers kit.

OK, there I was being snide.

See you next week, my friends, when I am planning a post that I assure you will be snide beyond all previous imagining. Hope you like it.

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